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  Student Evaluation of Teaching Survey

We are conducting a routine student evaluation for teaching survey as a standard practice….[+]

  Course Registration for August-December 2015

To all students, Please check your course registration for session August-December 2015 ….[+]

  3+0 BCMM Exam

The final examination schedule for 3+0 BCMM programmes (session July-November 2015) is published  ….[+]


Han Chiang College awarded 5 stars in MyQuest


Han Chiang College has received an outstanding 5-star rating for the second consecutive session in the Malaysian Quality Education System for Private Colleges (MyQuest).

Out of 15 colleges in Penang, Han Chiang College is one of the four medium sized colleges that has been awarded with 5 stars.……[+]

Han Chiang News

Han Chiang News is a platform for working and trainee journalists to cover issues that are close to our hearts. Han Chiang News is attentive to the local community, so share your stories and pictures with us! Or if you’ve got something you’d like us to write, let us know… [+]

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