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 Student Evaluation of Teaching Survey

Dear Diploma students, We are conducting a routine student evaluation for teaching survey as a standard practice. …[+]

  Taekwondo training class

Dear Students, there will be a teakwondo training class at Han Chiang College……..[+]


 Graduation 2016

Han Chiang College’s Graduation Ceremony for 2016 took place at the Lim Lean Theng Hall as it has been the tradition of the College to celebrate the graduation of its students at this venue.

Every graduand of the Class of 2016 was eagerly waiting for the arrival of this moment for a long time as they worked so hard throughout their studies  in order to graduate with their diplomas. On September 29, 2016, their dreams come true.

However, since the early morning of Graduation Day, the sky was covered by the dark clouds, and it started to rain even before the event was scheduled to begin. Although it was raining heavily, it did not make any ..….……..[+Read More] 

Han Chiang News

Han Chiang News is a platform for working and trainee journalists to cover issues that are close to our hearts. Han Chiang News is attentive to the local community, so share your stories and pictures with us! Or if you’ve got something you’d like us to write, let us know… [+]

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