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 Student Evaluation of Teaching Survey

Dear Diploma students, We are conducting a routine student evaluation for teaching survey as a standard practice. …[+]

  Taekwondo training class

Dear Students, there will be a teakwondo training class at Han Chiang College……..[+]


300 people expected at students’ final screening


Han Chiang College’s final year students on the Mass Communication and Broadcast Journalism diploma courses will be screening their works tonight at Komtar Auditorium A at 7.30pm.

Called Auteur Arizen, president Ming Kai said the word Auteur refers to the committee members who have written their own masterpieces and Arizen symbolises their growth as a team.

There will be eight productions, ranging from various genres like comedy, romance, family love and horror

Lecturer advisor Tommy Lee said that those who have bought tickets will be impressed by the skills and talents shown in the students’ productions…….……..[+Read More] 

Han Chiang News

Han Chiang News is a platform for working and trainee journalists to cover issues that are close to our hearts. Han Chiang News is attentive to the local community, so share your stories and pictures with us! Or if you’ve got something you’d like us to write, let us know… [+]

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