The following information provides a brief overview relating to Malaysian entry requirements.

Visa Requirements

You must obtain a visa to study in Malaysia. It is your responsibility to ensure that your visa/s and passport remain valid at all times during your stay in Malaysia.

Personal Bond

International students will be requested to pay RM2000.00 as personal bond, which is refundable upon graduation.


It is compulsory for each student to have insurance coverage while studying at Han Chiang College.

The Student insurance premium per year is RM 427.50.

About Penang

Penang state, or Pulau Pinang is situated in the north of Malaysia and is made up of the island of Penang and a narrow strip of land on the mainland coast known as Seberang Perai (or Province Wellesley).


Penang has a typically tropical climate. It is hot and humid all year round. The temperature rarely drops below 26ºC even at night and usually rises to 30ºC or more during the day.

Rain tends to arrive in brief torrential downpours and is soon replaced by bright sunshine. At certain times of the year, especially in September and October, it may rain every day.


Penang Island has a very good public transportation link at reasonable fares. Han Chiang College is situated about 5 km from George Town, the capital city of Penang and 4 km from the Penang Bridge which links Penang Island and Seberang Perai.


Malaysia is a multiracial and multicultural society, where a wide variety of food is available. In an ethnically mixed country, you can eat Malay food for breakfast, Chinese food for lunch and Indian food for dinner. Besides, you can snack on deliciously fresh tropical fruits between meals.

Besides, there are various popular outlets for western foods and renowned restaurants in Penang. Finding mouth-watering food in Penang will never be any easier.

What to Bring…

Unaccompanied luggage can be sent in advance or forwarded after your arrival in Malaysia. We advise students to send heavy items in advance as luggage is strictly limited to 20 kilograms. Please check with your travel agent for more details.

Students generally dress informally, unless during formal/official functions.

Money Matters

It is advisable to bring enough money with you to cover expenses for the first 3 months i.e. transportation, accommodation and living cost (approximately RM800.00 per month).

We suggest you bring at least RM3000.00 in cash / travellers’ cheque / bank draft (excluding your tuition fee, hostel fee and personal bond).

Banking and Financial Institutions

Penang banking facilities will be explained during Orientation. If you are unable to attend the Orientation programme or wish to open a bank account prior to the banking and finance session, assistance is available at the International Office and Student Affairs Section.


It is highly recommended that you attend the Orientation Programme as we believe the activities will be beneficial to you academically and socially.

Orientation Day Activities*

  •  College Preview
  •  Academic Affairs (Briefing)
  •  English Language (Briefing)
  •  Counselling (Briefing)
  •  Student Affairs (Briefing)
  •  Library (Briefing)
  •  Insurance Application
  •  Campus Tour
  •  Fee Payment Options
  •  Course Registration
    *Subject to change

Your Support Network

Our staff are always ready to help if necessary. If you are facing problems of any kind, do not keep them to yourself. Our highly-trained staff are always willing to help you whenever possible. Take advantage of the support services available before the problem becomes an issue, so that you will have a happy and rewarding time at Han Chiang University College of Communication.