Academic Administration

Starting from April 2015:

1. Student shall register for courses online. Course Registration Form, Elective Form, Add/Drop Form, Repeat/Resit Form, Exemption/Credit Transfer Form, Leave of Absence Form and Change Programme Form have gone “paperless” and shall be accessed by students online.

2. ALL students shall be given an email account under the domain of To access the paperless academic administrative forms in (1), students are expected to sign in using a standard web browser to this email account and access the relevant electronic form(s) from the College’s website.

3. Student shall access the College’s website for their final examination results. Physical copies of these results will no longer be posted on the notice boards.

4. The end of course Student Evaluation of Teaching Survey is now fully online and is fully anonymous. Unlike (2) students need not sign in to their college’s email to take part in this survey. They are however required to give an email address (any email address will be acceptable) after they have submitted their electronic forms and show the acknowledgement email sent to this address as the proof of their participation.

5. Only students who have showed evidence of completing the Teaching Survey (as specified in (3)) shall have access to the College’s academic administrative processes online.