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Graduation 2016

Han Chiang College’s Graduation Ceremony for 2016 took place at the Lim Lean Theng Hall as it has been the tradition of the College to celebrate the graduation of its students at this venue. Every graduand of the Class of 2016 was eagerly waiting for the arrival of this moment for a long time as they worked so hard throughout their studies  in order to graduate with their diplomas. On September 29, 2016, their dreams come true.

Booklet of Graduation Ceremony 2016

However, since the early morning of Graduation Day, the sky was covered by the dark clouds, and it started to rain even before the event was scheduled to begin. Although it was raining heavily, it did not make any difference to the celebratory mood of the graduands and their families. Students were wearing their gown proudly, parents waited in the hall with a heart of excitement and staffs were preparing and rehearsing everything in order to make everything perfect in this memorable and important day.yv_0029_20160929-han

The Academic Procession on stage.

Graduands from School of Communication, Business Management, Applied Creative Art and Designs and Chinese Studies were conferred their respective diplomas by the Principal & CEO of the College, Dr. Chow Yong Neng. The conferment of each graduand’s academic award was witnessed by a senior member of the College’s Board of Directors. From the faces of the graduands, we could see happiness and satisfaction all round.

Graduands posing with their respective diploma testamurs

On that day, the outstanding graduates were awarded cash prizes . Those receiving special awards for academic achievements including the best students from different schools in college, graduates who had made it to the annual dean’s list awards and etc.

Tan Jia Ying, the recipient of the Most Proficient Student in English Awards.
The Winners of the Annual Dean's List.
The Winners of the Annual Dean’s List.

Furthermore, two final year students on the College’s 3+0 degree programme in collaboration with University of Wolverhampton, Regina Hoo Lei Kim and Goh Lih Joe were awarded the Academic Excellence & Distinction Award for scoring First Class Honours in their degree studies.

Regina Hoo was receiving the Academic Excellence & Distinction Award.

Tan Yet Zhi and Toh Vern Ching from Han Chiang College, who were in their final semester in the Bachelor in Public Relations & Journalism from the University of Southern Queensland (USQ) were awarded the USQ International Partner Prizes. Han Chiang College’s students scooped two out of the eight possible awards given by USQ each year.

Tan Yet Zhi receiving the USQ International Partner Prizes.
The awards’ winners.

Graduates Leong Chia Yee from the School of Business Management and Tiang Yi Jing from the School of Communication presented their graduation speeches in English and Mandarin respectively on behalf of the Class of 2016.

Leong Chia Yee is giving the English version of the graduation speech.
Leong Chia Yee is giving the English version of the graduation speech.
Tiang Yi Jing is giving the Chinese version of the graduation speech.
Tiang Yi Jing is giving the Chinese version of the graduation speech.

After the successful conclusion of the graduation ceremony, many parents and friends of the graduates were seen presenting bouquets of flowers and gifts to the graduates. Happy and funny photographs were taken to capture these sweet and beautiful moments.


Photographs of the graduates with their friends and family.

We wish all graduates of the Class of 2016 every success whether they are pursuing further studies or embarking on working lives.

“We have graduated!”

For a full suite of photographs that captured this memorable event, please click here.

New rule on latecomers for final examination

By Chow Yong Neng, PhD 

exam-2We know that students who are taking written final examination in the examination venue have one common objective: to do their best to score as many marks as possible. They have the right to expect the examination venue to provide them with a peace and quiet environment throughout the duration of their final written examination.

However, there are many instances of disruption caused by late-comers to such examination. It is with the interest of the greater body of students taking their written final examination in mind that I have initiated a revision on the rules and regulations to deal with late-comers.

At the heart of the consideration before this change of the rule on late-comers was finalised was how best to impose penalties for late-comers to deter tardiness and yet not to give an impression of the College being too rigid in dealing with this problem.  We had decided to empower the Chief Invigilator to decide on all cases where the late-comers arrived at the examination venue beyond the 45 minutes maximum limit.

If students arrive late for an examination because of circumstances beyond their control such as being involved in a traffic accident, having their vehicles breakdown etc. they will have the chance to show evidence of their misfortune to the Chief Invigilator. The directive to the Chief Invigilator is simple: we err on the side of compassion and shall allow late-comers to enter the examination venue if they (late-comers) are able to show even one piece of evident in support of their case.

However, in fairness to the rest of the candidates taking the same paper, no extra time shall be given to any late-comers being allowed to sit for their examination regardless of which category of penalty that these students will receive. In some cases the Chief Invigilator will use a quarantine area for the late-comers.

As in all cases, there is an avenue to appeal. In this case an Examination Appeal Board has been set up to hear all appeal cases prior to the main Examination Board meetings. Any finding of the Examination Appeal Board shall be considered as final and not subject to further appeal. Hence students who need to file an appeal shall need to adhere to the timeline for such a process.

In view of the power of electronic gadgets and mobile phones today, we have now disallowed the use of all electronic devices apart from such equipment as calculators of the authorised models into the examination venue.

Please refer to the email sent to all users on July 14, 2016 for further information on the new examination rules and regulations.

To all diploma students taking their final examination I wish you good luck!