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Business and Management

The School of Business and Management provides affordable and quality education for young, aspiring and ambitious individuals who intend to venture into the corporate world or to start a small business. As such, the School offers three diploma programmes to provide students with sound knowledge and practical experience in related fields to face the global challenges today.

The School maintains its high academic standards through quality delivery of courses by a team of qualified, experienced and dedicated lecturers.

Diploma in Accounting

The Diploma in Accounting (DIA) offers students the flexibility and opportunity to embark on a professional accounting route by taking the CAT examinations concurrently on their own. DIA is designed to equip students with all the necessary technical skills and knowledge that are required to fulfill an accounting role at the technician level. It is also structured to provide a sound knowledge that is required of a professional accounting executive.

Diploma in Business Management

The Business Management programme covers extensive theoretical concepts of managing business and adopts a practical approach in assessing students e.g. by discussing case studies, conducting market surveys and, preparing and making presentations under “real-life” business environment.

Diploma in Logistics Management

With rapid globalisation, the Straits of Malacca has become one of the busiest shipping routes in the world. In addition, the strategic location of Penang makes it an important stopover and transit point for ships. The Penang Port handles 18% of total ship calls while the Bayan Lepas Air Cargo Terminal handles 24% of air cargo in Malaysia annually.

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