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Shortlisted Contestants For The Host Idol 2016

Finally!! As per our rules we have shortlisted 45 contestants for Host Idol 2016.

As reported to you earlier about the first audition of Host Idol 2016 that took place on 29 & 30 April, here is some update on that. The audition that was conducted successfully, had led to the announcement of top 45 shortlisted official candidates. From a total of 123 contestants, the list has been narrowed down to 45.

  1. Muhammad Daniel Mirza Bin Mohd Shahruddin
  2. Yakshiny A/P Selva
  3. Mohamad Izzrafiq Bin Ahmad Nazim
  4. Muhamad Nabil Nafeez
  5. Muhammad Syazwan Bin Ismail
  6. Auni Wajihah Bt Zahari
  7. Ain Fadzlyanie Binti Shuib
  8. Muhamad Irfan Lal Bin Lal Muhamad
  9. Nurmaheran Binti Che Ismail
  10. Aida Nadhirah Bt Shamlan
  11. Nurul Ain Binti Haron
  12. Natasha Zulaikha Binti Noor Azlan
  13. Tengku Aura Jamilah Binti Tengku Ahmad
  14. Siti Nur Nafisha Binti Faisal
  15. Nur Shamshinar Binti Samsudin
  1. Goh Chee Hoong
  2. Lee Her Jun Jonathan
  3. Matthew Wong Yit Kit
  4. Clarissa Yap Jia Wen
  5. Ch’ng Wern Lynn
  6. Nur Dini Bt Mahazir
  7. Adee Elias Ross Bin Lawrence Nathaniel Ross
  8. Koey Xan Xan
  9. Hanisah Binti Hasbolah @ Matlobilahi
  10. Anastasia Cindy Marco
  11. Whitney Von
  12. Jaztina Arieza Binti Mahadzir
  13. Amanda Chin Zhi Qiao
  14. Nur Abidah Aqilah Binti Muhamad Rizal
  15. Sivaneeswary A/P Mani Maran
  1. Sin Jie 陈捷
  2. Cheah Yun Zhi 谢耘谘
  3. Teh Xiao Tong 郑筱彤
  4. Cheong Qian Yi 庄千一
  5. Huang Rui 黄瑞
  6. Looi Hui Theng 吕蕙廷
  7. Yap Sian Yang 叶献阳
  8. Chen Jia Wei 陈佳威
  9. Ch’ng Qi Ping 庄琪冰
  10. Teoh Zhi Kuan 张志宽
  11. Ooi Wei Jin 黄炜晶
  12. Lee Ming Xin 李抿锌
  13. Rachel Koh Yee Rou 许诒柔
  14. Heng Zhi Hang 王子航
  15. Tan Xiao Wen 陈筱雯

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3+0 BCMM Final Exam Schedule

The Examination Schedule for semester November 2015-January 2016 for 3+0 BCMM Programme is attached for your reference.
Kindly collect your examination slip from 18/1/2016 until 29/1/2016 at The Registry. Please take note that there will be an administrative fee of RM5 imposed for those who fail to collect their examination slips within the specified period. If you need any assistance, please contact The Registry.


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Current Promo





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2000 RM9,040.00 2
2001 RM37,520.00 8
2002 RM63,040.00 8
2003 RM58,320.00 8
2004 RM72,355.00 10
2005 RM111,780.00 17
2006 RM175,145.00 27
2007 RM449,990.00 34
2008 RM197,775.00 17
2009 RM61,276.00 12
2010 RM204,760.00 21
2011 RM152,160.00 16
2012 RM257,740.00 24
2013 RM393,998.00 36
2014 RM643,900.00 49
2015 (as at 8/9/2015) RM490,251.00 38
 Total RM3,379,050.00 327
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Student Evaluation of Teaching Survey

As mandated by the relevant authorities, all private colleges and universities in Malaysia need to carry out a student evaluation of teaching and learning survey at the conclusion of every academic semester.

We have moved this survey fully online to facilitate the ease of data collection and analysis. We have decided to publish the  summary result of these periodic surveys on our website.

The analysis of the survey for April – July 2015 semester is available below:
General and Administration


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Supplementary Exam Schedule

The supplementary examination schedule for Diploma programmes (session April-July 2015) is published below:

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Course Timetable

You can access the timetable in web version via this link:



Below are the links to Master Timetable and Classroom Booking table:
Master timetable Classroom booking table

The web version will be handy if you just need to quickly check your timetable. However, if you would like to have a printout, please download the PDF version which is rendered more printer-friendly. You can download the relevant PDF files via the links below.


Save the timetable on the computer
1) To save the timetable you’re viewing in Chrome, press Ctrl+P 
(keyboard shortcuts). A window will open with print setting options.
2) Under “Destination” > Click Change
3) Under “Local Destinations,” select Save as PDF.
4) Click Print. A save dialog box will appear.
5) Choose your destination > type the “Name your file” > Save.
6) Open PDF file, you may search keywords : “subject code” or  “lecturers”


7) To search the timetable you’re viewing in pdf, press Ctrl+F (keyboard shortcuts). The find bar will appear in the top-right corner of the page.
8) Type your search term in the find bar.
9) Press Enter to search the page.
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Han Chiang College students get creative with graffiti project to promote Penang

This artwork will be one of the many murals that will be drawn on the wall in Youth Park

This artwork will be one of the many murals that will be drawn on the wall in Youth Park

Forty Han Chiang College students are taking part in a graffiti project, organised by the City Council of Penang Island at Youth Park on Saturday June 6 from 9am to 5pm.

The aim of the project is to capture the island’s beauty and to promote a positive approach towards street art.

Running for the second time this year, the theme ‘Penang City Day’ will see students expressing their love for Penang in a creative and fun way.

With Penang’s new city status, the students will produce colourful, eye-catching graffiti, boasting some of the island’s interesting mix of modern skyscrapers and iconic landmarks, the eclectic fusion of diverse cultures and even some tongue-in-cheek pieces.

All these will be produced by the college’s students under the guidance of their lecturer and advisor Lim Chun Woei, who is also the founder of Urban-Cr3atures, where it serves as a playground for artists to experiment with different art approaches.

“I think it is important for students to have the opportunity to learn new skills and apply them, as well as experience graffiti and mural painting.

“It is very important to paint with a proper channel and application as wrong messages such as vulgar language and explicit content could tarnish the image of Georgetown,” Lim said.

All the students will be working in groups of 5, and will be covering all of 7 walls.

Lim and another lecturer, Lim Thong Soon, will also be taking part and produce their own art on the 8th wall.

Vice Principal Dr Beh Kok Hooi said that the college is proud to be working with the City Council of Penang Island and hopes that with the popularity of wall art in Georgetown, Penang will see graffiti as a form of unrestricted expression and various interpretations.

“With the right attitude, artists can use this form of art to deliver meaningful messages, just like Ernest Zacharevic. Who knows, our students may be the next Ernest Zacharevic,” Dr Beh added.

Han Chiang’s School of Multimedia and IT often exposes its students to activities outside of the college. Students are encouraged to further discover and explore their talents, as the college believes that learning must not be confined in college.

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Film director shares advice for young filmmakers


Film director Quek Shio Cuan, advised students to take baby steps when it comes to filmmaking.

Quek, currently attached with Reservoir Production, shared his journey in becoming a renowned film director during a sharing session organised by Han Chiang College.

“Start from the bottom with television commercials as you will gain better access of crews and learn fast,” he said.

He added that he never dreamed of becoming a director due to the limited choices he had in the past.

When asked on the challenges he faced in the industry, Quek said that he had once thought of quitting when he compared himself to friends who had office jobs.

“I saw my friend in proper formal attire while I was sweating all over in my white T-shirt,” he said as he explained the difficult nature of the job.

Quek’s recent project is to produce a movie based on his previous short film ‘Guang’ which bagged numerous local international awards.

“This film is based on my real life story of learning how to cope with my brother who is an autistic patient,” Quek said.

The production process will begin this August in Penang and Quek has extended an invitation to all attendees at the sharing session to join the crew on the set.

Head of Broadcasting Lee Kean Wei said that the event aims to prepare students in facing the demands of the industry after they graduate from college.

Keng Hui Yuen, 19, said that the session was a good exposure for her as she had the chance to learn from an experienced film director.

The sharing session saw the attendance of 50 students together with lecturers Delton Cox, Ho Rhu Pin, Kek Phaik Yong and Mohd Eswandy.


(Front row) Lecturers Kek Phaik Yong, Lee Kean Wei, film director Quek, Delton Cox, Mohd Eswandy and Ho Rhu Pin together with 50 students at the sharing session in Han Chiang College

(Front row) Lecturers Kek Phaik Yong, Lee Kean Wei, film director Quek, Delton Cox, Mohd Eswandy and Ho Rhu Pin together with 50 students at the sharing session in Han Chiang College.

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New comfortable study zone to promote better learning


Han Chiang College has set up a new study corner for students to use during and after class hours.

The study area is located beside the multi-purpose hall and is available for students to use from 8am – 7pm.

Chief Executive Dr Chow Yong Neng said that the open space will enable students to carry out discussions in a more relaxed environment, and it is also a good option for those who wish to spend their time out of the library.

“The college has provided tables and chairs, and students need not register or apply for passes in order to use the space,” Dr Chow added.

The study area can accommodate up to 20 students at one time.

Apart from the newly introduced study zone, there are several places where students can make use of, for study purposes. These include the corridor along the computer labs in block B and the corridor near the staircase of block C.

Dr Chow said that students are not allowed to stay or enter the campus after 7pm as the college needs to ensure students’ safety.

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