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News & Events

Calling all secondary school students (especially those in upper secondary), an entrepreneurship camp for youth (aged: 15 - 17) sponsored by Penang Chinese Chamber of Commerce and organised by Han Chiang College is now open for registration. Date: 3rd (Fri) - 5th (Sun),  June 2016 Venue: Han Chiang College Fees: RM100 (after PCCC's subsidies, inclusive of accommodation, meals, T-shirts & insurance) Interested students are welcome to call Han Chiang College (04-2831088) for further information. Do hurry we have room for only 50 participants and seats are running out FAST! You can register with PCCC directly by downloading & filling in this form.  Please email or fax over the bank in slip to account@pccc.org.my or call PCCC's Account Department (04-2504059) for further advice. PCCC's Bank in details: Payee                                     : Penang Chinese Chamber of Commerce Bank Account Number      :  1723046101 (United Overseas Bank) The tentative programme for Entrepreneurship Camp 2016 is available here. Camp's Objectives: - To inculcate the entrepreneurial spirit among the younger generation. 为年轻一代灌輸与传承企業家的精神 - To expose high school students to the entrepreneurial world. 为中学生提早接触企業世界 - To relate the relationship between business and entrepreneurial skills and leadership. 为贯通商业与企業之关系、技能 和领导能力 - To develop future entrepreneurs who care for and be responsible to society and the environment. 为培养未来有责任感于社会与大环境的企業家 - To create awareness among students of the importance of English in the entrepreneurial world. 提升学生对于英文之于创业世界中的重要性之意识 [spacing margin="no" border="no"][/spacing]

大马教育文凭(SPM)华文科难考A的议题沸沸扬扬之际,韩江学院为鼓励在SPM考试中报考华文的学生,决定依据考生的华文科成绩提供助学金,其中考获A+的学生可获高达半额助学金。 在优惠配套下,除却中文系,凡是报读韩院任何一项科系,在SPM中华文科考获及格者(D、E)可获5%、C及C+可获10%、B及B+可获15%、A-可获25%、A可获30%及A+可获50%的助学金。 报读中文系的考生也可享有优惠,华文课考获C及C+可获5%、B及B+可获10%、A-可获15%、A可获20%及A+可获30%助学金。 通常报读中文系学生的华文科成绩至少获得优等,再加上中文系的学费比其他科系低,即2年半的文凭课程只需1万3千令吉,所以助学金的数额比其他科系来得少。 自SPM于3月3日公布后,华文科的成绩令华社感到哗然,共有4万5千480名学生报考中文,但只有12.4%的学生考获特优(A+、A、A-)成绩,反观淡米尔文考获特优的学生达31.5%,马来文考获特优的学生也有24.1%。 此外,华文科近6年来考获A+的学生比率都偏低,平均不超过1.5%,即2009年只有0.21%的考生考獲A+,2010年(0.31%)、2011年(1.35%)、2012年 (1.22%)、2013年(0.69%)、2014年(1.34%)及2015年(0.59%),反观马来文及淡米尔文考获A+的考生比率都超过2%。 这样的情况导致华文科的报考人数逐渐减少,从2010年的5万4千947人、2011年5万3千799人、2012年5万3千298人、2013年5万1千685人、2014年5万零568人到2015年只有4万5千480人。 全文报道请查阅2016年3月21日光华日报或浏览:kwongwah.com.my 韩视新闻报道:查阅详情 Loading...

[big_heading centered="no"]The search for Malaysia’s star presenter: Could it be you?[/big_heading] Welcome to Han Chiang College’s Host Idol Contest, where we are on the search for our first ever all-rounded media host personality. If you are fans of international VJs like Giuliana Rancic, Malaysia’s sweethearts and accomplished presenters Cheryl Samad and Daphne Iking, and famous Youtuber Jinnyboy, you can now follow in their footsteps to pursue your dreams in hosting, deejaying, broadcasting and journalism.   We are looking for fun personalities and charismatic individuals who have a passion for hosting shows, producing catchy videos that can go viral and with a love to deejay.   Sounds like you? Register yourself below for auditions! Need more clarification? Call us at 04 – 283 1088. Exciting prizes include scholarships worth up to RM70,000 and cash prizes of up to RM5,000 await the winners. Want to know more about what the judges expect from the contestants? Check this out: https://youtu.be/YZDoSTXwCBk

FREE MYSTERY GIFTS for visitors who walk in for course counseling. Han Chiang College Open Day 2016! Drop by to visit us, course counseling available. [heading centered="yes" margin_bottom="no" large="no" background="no"][/heading] [big_heading centered="yes"]Make your appointment now & Win something[/big_heading] Just fill in form below, choose the programme, along with your personal information...

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