Han Chiang College’s Corporate Learning Centre (CLC), was established on July 2015 to capitalize on the diverse expertise of our staff in their respective fields such as mass communication, supply chain management, applied creative media & design in providing the corporate sector with a cost effective channel to develop their human capital.

The programmes offered at our Corporate Learning Centre are designed to assist professionals who are seeking advancement in their careers including self-enhancement by developing, upgrading and re-learning industrial relevant skill sets. Our training courses encompass soft skills, technical as well as high-end  applied design skills.  

As a Perbadanan Sumber Manusia Berhad (PSMB / HRDC) approved training provider (formerly known as Class A), we are capable of providing either in-house or public training to help you and your staff to achieve botrh their personal and  your business goals. 

As a learning institutions, our trainers as well as academic staff are fully capable of customizing and designing training courses to suit your company’s specific human development needs. We are continually enhancing our portfolio of courses and programmes to ensure that our clients and their staff can leverage on the new skill sets acquired via our Corporate Learning Centre to increase their company productivity and scoring successes .