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Chinese Studies

The School of Chinese Studies offers Diploma in Chinese Studies and BA (Hons) in Chinese Studies which aims at training and producing Chinese language experts. Besides providing a systematic approach to the study of Chinese culture, literature and language, the School conducts research on the local Chinese community.

Han Chiang College is the first not-for-profit tertiary institution that established a Chinese Heritage Centre. The centre provides a useful platform for Chinese Studies students and other researchers to research on the local Chinese community. The Centre was expanded in 2010, and data collection is carried out more systematically.

Han Chiang College’s Diploma in Chinese Studies has received recognition by many universities in China, Taiwan and Hong Kong where our graduates were able to transfer their credits to pursue relevant bachelor degree programmes overseas. Some of our graduates also won scholarships from these universities to continue their studies at bachelor degree level. With the impending registration of Han Chiang University College of Communication, our diploma graduates will soon have a seamless and affordable pathway to earn their degrees locally.

A list of universities which have accepted graduates of our Diploma in Chinese Studies along with the number of recipients of scholarships from overseas universities.

Bachelor of Arts (Hons) Chinese Studies

Gain in-depth knowledge of the Chinese social and cultural diversity and develop skills to work in environments with diverse linguistic and cultural backgrounds

Diploma in Chinese Studies 

Build a comprehensive knowledge of Chinese and local literature, language, history, culture and thoughts

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