Han Chiang University College Of Communication is offering 14 full scholarships (valued at 100% tuition fees each) for SPM High Achievers. These 14 scholarships are contributed by Han Chiang College to the Nanyang Tertiary Education Fund 2016 and Sin Chew Daily Education Fund 2016. 7 SPM High Achiever Scholarships will be awarded by Han Chiang College via each of these education funds.

Applicants may apply simultaneously for both the High Achiever Scholarship and any other bursaries offered by Han Chiang College. However, only one award (the one carrying the higher monetary value) will be granted.


We provide a number of bursaries to students requiring financial aids. Anyone who has the quest for tertiary education but without the financial means will be considered for these bursaries. In addition, special bursaries will be awarded to students who are talented in the area sports, arts and music.