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HCUC R&D Grants

HCUC Research Grant* : RM 1,000-50,000
  • The research grant is open primarily to HCUC academics and students.
  • Studies that are challenging, with innovative topics, as well as that which have high impact & practical significance are valued and are most welcome.
  • Research proposals should include: Preface (values/ significance/ awareness of topic, objectives, research questions, definitions, limitations), literature review (brief), research methods (research philosophy, research design, data analysis, etc.), ethical issues (if any), preliminary pilot findings (if any), expected research outputs, references, research timeline, budget and expected funding. Questionnaire, interviews outline, research equipment & materials could be attached (if any). The proposal is preferably not more than 20 pages.
  • Research could be scheduled/planned for a 1-year duration.
  • If publication of book is part of the expected research outputs, applicants may apply for “HCUC Publication Grant” concurrently.
  • The HCUC R&D Grants Board will review, select, and advise on funded projects, and monitor the implementation of relevant research plans.
  • The funding depends on the difficulty & cost of research, the significance & impact of the research and its contribution.
  • In order to encourage academic exchanges and cross-disciplinary collaboration, collaborative researches are welcome: collaboration within the school, cross-school collaboration, collaboration within institutions, overseas collaboration; the amount of funding will increase proportionately.
  • The grant will be distributed in stages according to the duration and allocated funds for the research.
  • The grant recipient is responsible for submitting a progress report for review every six months. The Board has the right to terminate the grant or claim back half of the paid grant if the progress report is not submitted in satisfactory fashion as scheduled.
  • The research grant is open for application from Jan 1 to Jan 31 every year. Successful applicants would be notified by 31 March. The funded research programme will be implemented from 1 April of the year and to the completed by 31 March of the following year. Successful applicants are responsible to submit/ complete the expected research outputs (research paper/ book/ presentation /sharing) on time.
    *Applicable for HCUC community only
HCUC Publication Grant* : RM 20,000/ 500 books (HCUC 400 books; author 100 books)
  • The grant is open for application to academics and students from HCUC in order to promote their outstanding work.
  • There is no restriction on content of the publication, and the scope may be related but not restricted to culture, society, literature, history, philosophy, politics, economy, media and creativity. Priority is given to those whose works are unique, innovative, and of superb quality.
  • Applicants may apply for the “HCUC Research Grant” concurrently if publication of book is part of the expected research outputs of the proposed research plan.
  • Under this grant, RM20,000 will be allocated for the publication of 500 books, of which 400 books are for HCUC and the remaining 100 books for the authors.
  • The copyright of the publications funded by HCUC Publication Grant will be owned by HCUC.
    *Applicable for HCUC community only
HCUC Public Talk/ Lecture/ Workshop Grant*** RM 300-20,000
  • This grant aims to promote sharing of knowledge, personal expertise, wisdom, research results and topics among HCUC academics & students, as well as the public, thereby enhancing the cultural literacy of the people in the region.
  • “HCUC Grand Lecture Hall” will host public talks, lectures and workshops by each school/department.
  • “HI 5 Talk” is open to the public (the public is welcome to register & share as well). Held bimonthly, 5 speakers will be given 15 minutes each for a 90-minute session. The speaker could share research experience and outcomes, creative ideas and applications, progress of their studies, humanistic thoughts, etc.
  • This grant is open for application throughout the year to the HCUC community and to the public. The application should be done at least one month prior to the talk/ lecture/ workshop.
    ***Applicable for everyone
HCUC Conference Grant* /** : RM 2,000: presenting paper in HCUC*; RM 3,000: presenting paper in local institution*; RM 5,000-15,000: presenting paper overseas*. Travel Allowance etc.: invited speakers/ presenter in seminar/ conference organised by HCUC**
  • This grant is established to support HCUC academics & students to realise cross-institutional, cross-disciplinary & crossregional academic exchanges.
  • This grant is used to fund HCUC academics & students enabling them to present papers in the college as well as other local or overseas education institutions.
  • This grant will be paid in a lump sum based on the approved amount.
  • When a seminar/ conference is organised by HCUC, the grant will be issued in the form of travel allowance to fund the travel and other related expenses of invited scholars to attend the seminar/ conference as speakers/ presenters.
  • This grant is open for application throughout the year. The applicant is required to submit the application at least one month prior to the seminar/ conference.
  • The approval of the grant will be judged based on the significance/ impact of the research of each applicant.
  • Additionally, the approval of the grant depends on the current financial status of the grant.
    *Applicable for HCUC community only
    **Applicable for non HCUC community
HCUC Journal Grant***: RM 500/ article/ research paper
  • Journal of Han Chiang University College is an academic publication aimed promote academic research and communication in the academia. It values simple and academic writing style, promotes moderation in academic exchange and criticism; adheres to the vision for innovation and orientated towards problem solving; respects openness and practicality; and focuses on comprehensive disciplines.
  • The Journal publishes research papers on cultural, social, literature, history, philosophy, politics, economics, media, research essays and book reviews.
  • The Journal is open to the public and welcomes local and foreign scholars from various sectors to submit their work.
  • The author who had already submitted a single-author paper to the Journal of Han Chiang University College is allowed to submit another paper(s) provided the paper(s) is co-authored with different author(s).
  • The Journal accepts Chinese and English manuscripts. The length of Chinese manuscripts is preferably 10,000-15,000 words, and not exceeding 20,000 words. The length of English manuscripts is preferably 5,000 – 10,000 words, and not exceeding 15,000 words. Chinese book reviews should not exceed 8,000 words, while English book reviews should not exceed 4,000 words.
  • A royalty of RM500 is awarded for each paper once the paper is selected & published in Journal of Han Chiang University College. Hence, no application is required for this grant.
  • The submission deadline for Journal of Han Chiang University College is Nov 30 every year, and it will be published in April/ May the following year.
  • Starting from 2018, Vol. 10 of the Journal will be published in Chinese and English versions separately and simultaneously.
    ***Applicable for everyone
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