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  • Creating Winners

  • Nurturing Talents

  • Creating Winners

In HCUC, we do not anticipate the future. We Create it!

Qualified Educators

We have a team of dedicated lecturers who not only have the wisdom to teach, but also the passion to empower the future generation.

Experiential Learning

A process which students develop knowledge, values and skills from direct experiences outside a traditional academic setting.

World Class Curriculum

Each curriculum is tailored to bring out the best in our students, to go beyond technicalities and to think intelligently, critically and creatively.

Equipped Classrooms

We stay abreast of the latest technologies to upgrade our learning spaces from traditional lecture formats to a facilitated learning model.

Comfortable Class Sizes

80%* of our undergraduate courses have fewer than 100 students*, which brings a lower student-to-lecturer ratio.

More Than Just Studies

In HCUC we have a wide array of opportunities for students to develop and enhance their soft skills through student bodies, clubs and events.