Intensive English Course

Why IEC at HCC?

Learn English in a fun and exciting way
Learn through working in pairs and in groups
Learn through meaningful social interactions and fun filled activities.

How does it benefit me?

English language opens up new worlds and opportunities.
Better understand, appreciate, and enjoy novels, movies and songs in the English language like never before.
Have better access and communicate more effectively with English speaking societies, both foreign and domestic.
Important for those who wish to travel to Western countries, either for work or leisure.
Opens up avenues and opportunities for promotion for working adults.
Better access to new markets and business opportunities for businessmen.

Who should register for the course?

· Students who wish to further improve their command of the English language
· Working adults who wish to further improve their command of the English language
· People who wish to travel abroad to Western countries
· Businessmen looking to broaden their business opportunities

What will I be learning?

There will be a placement test to determine your level of command of the English Language.
Students will be developed in the four language skills which are listening speaking reading, and writing.
Students will acquire the basic grammatical rules and structures.
Students will learn to listen and comprehend the English language
Students will learn to read, comprehend, and interpret text in the English language.
Students will learn to formulate sentences through correct use of grammatical rules.
Students will be exposed to the basic sounds used in pronunciation in English language.