Han Chiang University College Of Communication | Han Chiang College’s new ambassadors to provide impartial advice to SPM leavers
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Han Chiang College’s new ambassadors to provide impartial advice to SPM leavers

Han Chiang College’s new ambassadors to provide impartial advice to SPM leavers

Han Chiang College has recruited 16 new student ambassadors, who will be sharing their personal experiences and providing impartial advice to other students who wish to enter colleges or universities during the college’s Open Day.

In a bid to encourage students to share their concerns and not remain confused over their study options, the college ambassadors will share honest accounts of their life as college students and relate some of the dilemmas that they faced before.

Student ambassadors are introduced to the media.

Vice Principal Dr Beh Kok Hooi said that often, students are shy to come forward to speak to lecturers and course counsellors, and there is the general conception that colleges tell potential students whatever they want to hear during recruitment.

“With our focus on helping students into higher education, potential students will feel more comfortable approaching the college ambassadors who are peers of their own age.

“We genuinely want to help students even if they do not register with us at the end of the day,” Dr Beh said.

Ambassador Tharanie Rajendran was a science student in school and decided to make the switch to study humanities after SPM. Her decision was questioned by many, but her determination has paid off.

“I was at a crossroad because my head tells me that science has a bright future but my heart is really with journalism. It would have made a lot difference back then if I had someone my age to share my problems with,” Tharanie said.

She is now a second year journalism student and has already met and interviewed politicians like Y.A.B Tuan Lim Guan Eng, Chief Minister of Penang and YB Ramkarpal Singh.

Han Chiang College’s Open Day will take place on 14th and 15th March 2015. There will be a registration fee waiver for students who enrol on Diploma and MLVK courses. A 50 per cent waiver on registration fee will be given to students on the 3+0 University of Queensland programme. Students who sign up stand a chance to win up to RM15,000 worth of signing up prizes such as iPad Air, iPad Mini and USB drives.

The different schools of Han Chiang College will organise various activities during the Open Day.

The School of Communication will give visitors and students a glimpse into the world of journalism and broadcasting. Students will get a taste of what journalists do as they will see staged robberies and accidents, take photos, write the story, upload onto a news website and finally see their work online. They will also observe how student DJs work the campus radio.

The School of Multimedia and Information Technologies will demonstrate the 3D printing process and will produce items using the 3D printing machine. Visitors will also have a chance to see their pictures being transformed into typographic visual effects.

The School of Business will run a fun treasure hunt and winners will be given prizes.

As for the School of Chinese Studies, visitors will be greeted by students all dressed in the Tang Dynasty costumes. Activities like understanding Chinese tea art and exhibitions on Chinese seal carving and calligraphy will take place.


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