Visit Han Chiang College at The Star Education Fair

Han Chiang College will be at The Star Education Fair this weekend, from the 21st till the 22nd of March at SPICE Arena in Penang.

Visitors will have the opportunity to explore the world of journalism at the booth’s activity corner.

Aspiring news anchors will be able to experience reading a news story from a teleprompter, while sitting behind a news desk. The whole process will be filmed and screened on TV for everyone to see.

This activity was carried out recently at Han Chiang College’s Open Day, and received positive responses from both parents and students.

Mrs Ooi, whose daughter Ooi Juu Yenn, signed up onto the college’s Diploma in Mass Communication, said that they had been to a few open days and Han Chiang was the first college to offer potential students some hands on practical activity to help discover their passion.

“I never knew what broadcasting was until today, and it’s great that we get to see what a studio looks like. Now that I have a better idea of what broadcast journalism is, I can explain to friends and family,” said Mrs Ooi.

Han Chiang’s lecturers from different schools will be at the fair to counsel students and the college’s new student ambassadors will be at hand to provide impartial and honest advice.

Student ambassador Tharanie Rajendran said that many students are unsure of what to study, and find it intimidating speaking to adults.

“That’s why we, the ambassadors, are here to help these students. We can share our personal experiences and because we’re all the same age, there’s nothing to be shy about,” said Tharanie.

Han Chiang College offers diploma programmes in Business, Communications, IT and Multimedia, Chinese Studies and 3+0 programmes from universities abroad.

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