Han Chiang College – a melting pot of cultures

Many people are mistaken that Han Chiang is a Chinese college. What many do not know, is that Han Chiang College conducts all of its lectures in English. The college is also a familiar name in various industries, particularly in broadcasting and communications, IT and business. Many of the college’s students graduate to make waves in the working industry.

The college is diverse in talents, races and religion. Here, we spoke to two of our students to find out what they think about Han Chiang College.

Daniel Cheang

Daniel Cheang

Daniel Cheang

Daniel, who is a mix of Malay and Chinese, said that the college offers reasonable fees compared to other colleges.

With proper guidance from dedicated and experienced lecturers, he added that students learn a lot of practical skills that one cannot learn from books. His love in broadcasting has seen him taking part in some grand events such as the college’s Golden Achievement Awards, a ceremony held every year to recognise the contributions of top names in various fields.

“Han Chiang College is well equipped with state-of-the-art facilities like the Creative Studio. The studio is set up so that it is similar to what professionals use in the real working world.”

Mingling with Chinese students is not difficult for Daniel as he takes the opportunity to brush up on his Chinese language while learning a different culture.

Veronica Jesveer Kaur

Veronica Jesveer Kaur

Veronica Jesveer Kaur

“What attracts me the most is Han Chiang News Centre. Through this media platform, students are able to showcase their work on the news website or its official Youtube channel,” said Veronica Jesveer Kaur.

Veronica added that Han Chiang News offers students a practical approach to journalism.

Veronica is currently an intern journalist of Han Chiang News.

Instead of using traditional teaching methods, she said that the lecturers here focus on both theory and practical.

Despite being the only Punjabi in class, Veronica gets along with other students and she has even managed to learn some basic Chinese.

“Han Chiang College is definitely a good learning environment. If you are looking for an ideal college, why not Han Chiang?”


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