Public Talks by Dr Robin Chin: Brand – The Value Context

Brand is a focal point for overall business strategies. It stems from the recognition of the brand’s role in driving solid benefits to the bottom line, thanks to its ability to command price premiums and fuel market leadership.

Dr. Chin will focus on how a brand takes the business and its offerings far beyond the simplistic view of a logo or tagline or advertising message. It is all about how customers value what the business or product actually delivers. He will explain how a brand is defined as a set of expectations and associations evoked from experiences with the company or its offerings.

How the brand value is delivered is instrumental to influencing a customer’s purchase and re-purchase decision which creates a strong brand equity. He observed the strategic application of brand value as Starbucks exemplifies its business by managing the brand drivers focusing on quality, consistency, and coffeehouse experience can charge premium prices for its coffee.  While AirAsia leverage on key dimensions of associations “owned” by the brand and perceptions of its “character” – multi-functional, emotional and self-expressive dominate the LCC category, and changed the aviation travel landscape.

The power of customer loyalty – a mere 5 percent increase could elevate the lifetime profits per customer and create the same effect as cost reduction.

About the Speaker

Dr Chin began his career as a consultant in a prominent chartered accountant firm in Kuala Lumpur.  He then pursued a career in banking; and as an entrepreneur, and later as Finance & Admin Director in a Malaysian SME. He was also involved in the establishment and development of the overseas ventures and offices and in product and market development. Dr. Chin is currently a SEAP Expert with SME Corp Malaysia. His area of expertise are Strategic Brand Management, Consumer Behaviour and Strategic Management. He has many years experience as an Executive Coach and in management and executive training.

Dr Chin holds a Doctor of Management (DMgt.,) from Southern Cross University, Australia and a Master’s of Business Administration degree from the University of Surrey, UK.  He is a Certified Professional Trainer of the Malaysian Institute of Management.

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