College adopts sustainable education through e-learning


Han Chiang College Chief Executive Dr Chow Yong Neng announced that the college is going paperless and will be conducting lectures using a new e-learning system.

The newly introduced system is hoped to move the college towards a more sustainable learning environment and students will be using Google Classroom to download lecture notes, participate in tutorials and discussions and generally communicate on that platform.

“The concept aims to help students adapt to new emerging technologies in the modern world,” Dr Chow said.

He said that the paperless concept will save unnecessary printing costs from RM40,000 – RM50,000, and that this can be effectively used to maintain the current course fees.

“For us to continue providing students with low tuition fees, we must try to save money. In fact, this is in line with the college’s vision in being environmentally friendly, as part of its move towards a university college status,” he said after noting that Han Chiang’s fees are relatively lower than most colleges in Penang.

He added that some procedures like student evaluation forms for lecturers can also be done anonymously online.

With the implementation of this concept, the college no longer provides free printing and there will be a 10 cent charge per page for printing.

Dr Chow urged students to print only when necessary, as the college is still subsiding 2 cents per page.

He said that the college will keep students updated on any new changes through its website and on Han Chiang News.

Students can share their opinions or feedback by speaking to the college’s student council or student ambassadors.

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