You can access the timetable in web version via this link:



Below are the links to Master Timetable and Classroom Booking table:
Master timetable Classroom booking table

The web version will be handy if you just need to quickly check your timetable. However, if you would like to have a printout, please download the PDF version which is rendered more printer-friendly. You can download the relevant PDF files via the links below.


Save the timetable on the computer
1) To save the timetable you’re viewing in Chrome, press Ctrl+P 
(keyboard shortcuts). A window will open with print setting options.
2) Under “Destination” > Click Change
3) Under “Local Destinations,” select Save as PDF.
4) Click Print. A save dialog box will appear.
5) Choose your destination > type the “Name your file” > Save.
6) Open PDF file, you may search keywords : “subject code” or  “lecturers”


7) To search the timetable you’re viewing in pdf, press Ctrl+F (keyboard shortcuts). The find bar will appear in the top-right corner of the page.
8) Type your search term in the find bar.
9) Press Enter to search the page.
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