Han Chiang College students get creative with graffiti project to promote Penang

This artwork will be one of the many murals that will be drawn on the wall in Youth Park

This artwork will be one of the many murals that will be drawn on the wall in Youth Park

Forty Han Chiang College students are taking part in a graffiti project, organised by the City Council of Penang Island at Youth Park on Saturday June 6 from 9am to 5pm.

The aim of the project is to capture the island’s beauty and to promote a positive approach towards street art.

Running for the second time this year, the theme ‘Penang City Day’ will see students expressing their love for Penang in a creative and fun way.

With Penang’s new city status, the students will produce colourful, eye-catching graffiti, boasting some of the island’s interesting mix of modern skyscrapers and iconic landmarks, the eclectic fusion of diverse cultures and even some tongue-in-cheek pieces.

All these will be produced by the college’s students under the guidance of their lecturer and advisor Lim Chun Woei, who is also the founder of Urban-Cr3atures, where it serves as a playground for artists to experiment with different art approaches.

“I think it is important for students to have the opportunity to learn new skills and apply them, as well as experience graffiti and mural painting.

“It is very important to paint with a proper channel and application as wrong messages such as vulgar language and explicit content could tarnish the image of Georgetown,” Lim said.

All the students will be working in groups of 5, and will be covering all of 7 walls.

Lim and another lecturer, Lim Thong Soon, will also be taking part and produce their own art on the 8th wall.

Vice Principal Dr Beh Kok Hooi said that the college is proud to be working with the City Council of Penang Island and hopes that with the popularity of wall art in Georgetown, Penang will see graffiti as a form of unrestricted expression and various interpretations.

“With the right attitude, artists can use this form of art to deliver meaningful messages, just like Ernest Zacharevic. Who knows, our students may be the next Ernest Zacharevic,” Dr Beh added.

Han Chiang’s School of Multimedia and IT often exposes its students to activities outside of the college. Students are encouraged to further discover and explore their talents, as the college believes that learning must not be confined in college.

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