HOST IDOL 2016 Audition

The search for Malaysia’s star presenter: Could it be you?

Welcome to Han Chiang College’s Host Idol Contest, where we are on the search for our first ever all-rounded media host personality.

If you are fans of international VJs like Giuliana Rancic, Malaysia’s sweethearts and accomplished presenters Cheryl Samad and Daphne Iking, and famous Youtuber Jinnyboy, you can now follow in their footsteps to pursue your dreams in hosting, deejaying, broadcasting and journalism.  

We are looking for fun personalities and charismatic individuals who have a passion for hosting shows, producing catchy videos that can go viral and with a love to deejay.  

Sounds like you? Register yourself below for auditions!

Need more clarification? Call us at 04 – 283 1088.

Exciting prizes include scholarships worth up to RM70,000 and cash prizes of up to RM5,000 await the winners.

Want to know more about what the judges expect from the contestants? Check this out:

Topics for DJ Recording

No. Topics
1. Entertainment
2. Sports
3. Health
4. Food
5. Travel


  1. Students are required to do a 3 – 5-minute deejay recording session (radio programme) which includes an invited guest to talk on the topics given as above at Han Chiang College radio studio (Han Chiang FM) on 27th & 28th of May. The radio programme will be filmed for facebook voting purpose.
  2. Students need to arrive 15 minutes earlier before his/her recording slot.
  3. Each student will be given 15 minutes to complete the recording session with a maximum of TWO takes.
  4. The radio programme should include:
  • Introduction of deejay and topic (1 minute)
  • Content and interview (2 – 3 minutes)
  • Ending / wrap up (30 seconds)
  1. Criteria on the selection of guests:
  • Can be friends, experts, as long as it suits the content of the topic discussed.
  1. Topic discussed should avoid sensitive issues such as sex, religion and politics.
  2. A student helper will be assigned to the contestants in order to assist them in operating the equipment in radio studio.
  3. Students are required to SUBMIT RADIO SCRIPTS on 21th of May for checking before the recording session.
  4. The videos will then be uploaded to Han Chiang Official page on 6th of June for the voting session.
  5. The voting session will take place from 6th until 10th of June.

The result will be announced on 13th of June and the top 15 finalists (each category 5 finalists) will be invited to the 2nd press conference on 16th of June.


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