Public lecture on free learning from top universities

Everyone dreams of studying in Top Ivy League Schools like Harvard or Yale. Some even harbour dreams of securing a place in the world’s oldest and most prestigious universities such as Oxbridge and MIT.

But, that is as far as the dream goes. For many, pursuing an education in such institutions has always remained a fantasy. Surprisingly, things have changed.

Before 2012, you would have said, “What is the catch?”

Since the world’s learning community embraced a new form of learning mode called “MOOC” in 2012 this is no longer a pipedream. Today, everyone can study a course from “blue chip” universities such as Harvard, Penn State, Stanford, Beijing, MIT or Georgetown totally free!

But wait, what does the acronym “MOOC” stand for? Is MOOC (pronounced as mook) a new type of trend, computer programme or technology? In a way all the answers are true! MOOC stands for Massive Open Online Course and the emphasis here is the word “Massive”!

The speaker has been a student of education technology and started to use e-learning to enhance his college students’ learning experience since 1997. He is a “veteran” in the consumption of MOOCs who began taking MOOCs since late 2012. To date Dr. Chow Yong Neng has successfully completed 28 MOOCs.

In this public lecture, Dr. Chow will share his experience as a “serial MOOCs taker” with the audience. He will give salient tips on how to differentiate a good MOOC from a sub-standard offering and how learners can maximise their learning experiences. He will attempt to answer many questions regarding MOOCs such as:

  • What does it take to study effectively in an MOOC?
  • How many MOOCs can I realistically take simultaneously?
  • How many hours a week generally shall I need to commit to take an MOOC?
  • Will I get a certificate if I successfully complete an MOOC?
  • Which learning platform or “brand” shall I choose for my MOOCs?
  • Can I substitute my  staff training with free MOOCs? ……etc.

About the speaker

Dr. Chow Yong Neng is one of the few living souls to earn three degrees (Bachelor’s, Master’s & PhD) from The Queen’s University of Belfast. He was trained as a farm manager in his undergraduate studies but has never farmed. Instead he went on to complete his PhD studies in plant tissue culture in 1990. After a brief postdoctoral research stint at the National University of Singapore, he worked in a commercial laboratory before returning to Malaysia in 1996 to serve as an academic in a private college. His fascination with education technology especially with e-learning was ignited about 20 years ago. Taking MOOCs has become Dr. Chow’s learning habit and “hobby”. Dr. Chow has been the CEO & Principal of Han Chiang College since January 2015. His key aim is to complete the registration process to upgrade the College to Han Chiang University College of Communication within the next 12 months.


The public lecture will take place at Han Chiang College on Wednesday 13 July at 3pm. Registration is free.  



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