Han Chiang University College Of Communication | Our Campus
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Our Campus

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HCUC At A Glance

Han Chiang University College of Communication(HCUC) is a not-for-profit institution of higher education which offers affordable yet high quality education for its community. From small beginnings in 1999 as a College, HCUC has now become a renowned institution nationwide catering to the educational needs of both local and international students. HCUC currently offers eighteen courses ranging from Foundation to Master in five different schools; Communication, Business and Management, Creative Arts and Design, Chinese Studies and English Language and Translation.


In HCUC, we use our experience of providing world class teaching for the benefit of our students. We strive to innovate, learn and support one another to transform lives and deliver growth. When we equip and empower our students, we have one common goal in mind : To prepare them for what’s ahead so that they can make a difference and a positive impact to the society and world.

History of HCUC

Small but significant. This phrase best describes Han Chiang University College of Communication (HCUC) during its very first establishment in 1978. That was the year when Han Chiang High School introduced a journalism programme as its post-secondary education, which successfully yielded a good amount of journalists for the media industry.


This has then resulted in the birth of Han Chiang College of Communication in 1999. Since then, the College has expanded its horizons and made its foray into other disciplines. The campus achieved a greater height when it received a formal invitation from the Ministry of Education Malaysia (now known as MoHE – Ministry of Higher Education) to be upgraded to a University College on 2nd of December 2014.


Throughout its existence for the past decades, HCUC continues to grow, refining educational tools and methodologies from time to time to remain on the forefront of education, with hopes that its story will continue to unfold, and to be told.


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