SKM 2D Animation Production Support


Animation is defined as the rapid display of images in sequences to create an illusion of movement. The method of presenting animation is as a motion picture, video and interactive media. Animation can be made with either hand rendered art, computer generated imagery or three-dimensional objects, e.g., puppets or clay figures or a combination of techniques.
2D Animation uses a combination of creative skills and specialty computer programmes to create images that have the appearance of movement. 2D animation figures are created and edited digitally using 2D bitmap or 2D vector graphics.The main difference between 2D animation and Three Dimensional (3D) animation is in the perception of its depth.
An animation team will consist of various artists depending on the size of the production. In smaller productions individuals may perform more than one role such as Background Artist, Clean Up Artist, Scanner Operator, Ink & Paint Artist and may progress as a Key Frame Animator and Inbetween Animator.

2D Animation Clean Up
1. Prepare clean up drawing requirement
2. Carry out drawing clean up
3. Digitise clean up drawing
4. Carry out clip line test

2D Animation Ink & Paint
1. Prepare ink & paint requirement
2. Carry out character and props clean up
3. Carry out character and props colouring
4. Inspect ink & paint quality
5. Submit coloured drawing for approval

2D Animation Background Painting
1. Prepare background painting requirement
2. Carry out background painting
3. Prepare work completion report

2D Animation Asset Cataloguing
1. Prepare 2D animation asset library requirement
2. Carry out 2D animation asset cataloguing
3. Carry out 2D animation asset extraction

2D Animation Track & Dialogue Breakdown
1. Prepare track & dialogue breakdown requirement
2. Carry out voice over trimming
3. Present track and dialogue breakdown for approval

2D Animation Animatics Compilation
1. Prepare animatics compilation requirement
2. Convert storyboard to animatics scenes
3. Compile animatics scenes
4. Submit animatics for approval

2D Animation Character and Props Breakdown
1. Prepare 2D animation character and props breakdown requirement
2. Produce 2D Animation character and props breakdown
3. Finalise 2D Animation character and props breakdown

2D Animation Character and Props Illustration
1. Prepare character and props illustration requirement
2. Prepare character and props design sketches
3. Produce character and props illustration
4. Submit character and props illustration for approval