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    Creating Winners

  • Nurturing Talents
    Creating Winners

In HCUC, we do not anticipate the future. We Create it!

Qualified Educators

We have a team of dedicated lecturers who not only have the wisdom to teach, but also the passion to empower the future generation.

Experiential Learning

A process which students develop knowledge, values and skills from direct experiences outside a traditional academic setting.

Industrial Oriented Curriculum

With the emphasis on practical training each curriculum is tailored to bring out the best in our students to go beyond technicalities.

Comfortable Class Sizes

We conduct out lectures and tutorials in small classes, providing an infinitely adaptable learning experience with a low student-to-lecturer ratio.

More Than Just Studies

In HCUC we have a wide array of opportunities for students to develop and enhance their soft skills through student bodies, clubs and events.

Bright Future Ahead

Be it stepping out to the corporate world or continuing postgraduate studies, we have the right network to help you kickstart your future.


Ten x Ten: Gerai Raja Burger Malaysia | Halal Food

2022-05-18 04:06:33
The massive burger selections from this little stall is definitely going to amaze you and they are all appetite satisfying. Check out what they have in the video. Gerai Raja Burger Malaysia Union ......

ULTIFRESH - FUTURE U T-Shirt Design Contest Winner

2022-05-13 03:47:55
By Ooi Tian Ping P’ng Soak Nee, a Han Chiang University College 2nd year creative multimedia student, had recently come up on top of the Future U T-shirt design contest as its champion. Soak Nee,......

Press Conference: Chong Keat Aun's new movie "Snow In Midsummer"

2022-05-12 09:36:18
Following the success of “The Story of Southern Islet”, which had won 9 rewards at various international film festivals, a second feature film directed by Malaysian Director, Chong Keat Aun, title......

HCUC Business School’s pitching competition unleashes young entrepreneurs

2022-05-12 01:18:55
By Priscilla Ho YuXin Creative and idea-rich students were graced with the opportunity to participate in a business pitching competition held by the School of Business and Management at Han Chiang ......