School Of Chinese Studies

In today’s world, Chinese has become an important language globally as its presence increases among most of the sectors. Realising this fact, even successful individuals such as Barack Obama and Mark Zuckerberg learnt Chinese.
HCUC’s School of Chinese Studies aims at training and providing a systematic approach not just in the linguistics, but also the study of Chinese culture and literature. The school strives to produce Chinese language experts of multiple sectors who are capable of living and working in a global society with global mobility.
We also take pride in becoming the first not-for-profit tertiary institution that established a Chinese heritage centre which provides a useful platform for Chinese Studies students and other researchers to gain more insights and knowledge about the history and development of the Chinese community in Malaysia. Our strategic campus location in Penang further benefits students as George Town is well known for its rich history and culture, hence earning a designation by UNESCO as a world heritage site since 2008.



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