Intensive English Course




3 months




Why IEC at HCUC? 

• Learning English can be both fun and rewarding

• Participants will learn through systematic approach and adult learning method

• Meaningful interactions and tailor-made activities will be carried out to suit workplace tasks


The benefits

• Better fluency and comman in the English Language

• Develop writing skills in documenting essential emails, reports, proposals and memos

• Ability to better comprehend messages, notices and documents at workplace

• Ability to participate and communicate more effectively in the workplace

• Opens up opportunities for promotion as well as further education


Who should register for the course?

• Working adults who wish to further improve their communication skills in English language (all levels)

• Business personnels looking to broaden their business opportunities



This course introduces the 'sound system' of the English language and equips learners with the basic vocabulary needed to participate in daily English conversation. The rudiments of basic grammar are also taught via writing activities. Learners are also put through language activities including games and simulations to enhance daily interactions as well as to develop interpersonal skills. 

The course takes off with situational conversations to improve speaking skills at various occasions. Learners are further given training in constructing questions and sharing views / opinions. Learners will also attempt to skim and scan simple texts to identify essential information. Finally practice is given in composing simple messages, memoranda and letters. This course is further complemented by role-plays and language games. 

The course exposes learners to argumentative discussions and debates. Learners also practise role-playing activities in the media context and deliver persuasive speeches. Paraphrasing and summarizing activites are further carried our to boost learners' writing skills. Finally comprehensive training in writing reports, official letters and simple processes. 


From RM800 onwards (for each level)


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